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So after months and months of pestering from my brother and coach Ian I’ve finally decided to start up this blog. I’m not going to lie it feels weird for me writing about myself and I can’t help but think “who gives a shit about what I’m doing”

Hey I’m probably right, but I’m going to do one anyway sooo…..


Right, whilst I’m sitting here watching the Arsenal v Bayern match with my 2 litre bottle of water (yes I’m hardcore!) I thought I would tell you what I’m planning on writing about. I will mainly be me talking about my day to day life, the sacrifices which have to be made whilst I try to make a name for myself in boxing, with some other novelty crap thrown in there too.

I’m just over 2 weeks from my 9th fight, my second since switching trainers and joining my brother. We’re both happy with how training has gone and we’ve had some quality sparring too with English title challenger Gary Fox and unbeaten prospect Josh Leather who I’d like to wish luck on his fight in London this weekend, live on Boxnation.


In training for a fight a lot of sacrifices are made, early nights, early mornings, missing social events, no alcohol. But none of these bother me as much as making weight, and the mood swings that come with it.


 Pizza is a particular favourite. For this fight camp I’ve found myself record every Man V Food televised and fantasize daily over all the amazing food. I don’t know why I do it but for some reason I enjoy torturing myself! One thing’s for sure the first place I will be going after the fight is a pizza shop!

Anyway I think I’ve ran out of crap to say for now so that will do for now. Hopefully, I will get better at this, but at least I’ve popped my blog cherry.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Yes this has took me about 3 hours to do but it’s my first time so give me a break right!


Next fight March 7th at Rainton Meadows Arena
Tickets still available

Contact 07896974716