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The Road To The Title


Thought I would take this opportunity to write another blog since I have massive news!

Some of you might have already seen on Facebook or Twitter that I will be fighting for the Northern Area Light-Welterweight Title in 6 weeks time. Since the fight was confirmed I havent stopped smiling, and I’m a grumpy bastard so that shows how much it means haha.

As I’m sat here watching Boxnation waiting to watch a big night for Carl Frampton’s career, I can’t help but think about my fight in 6 weeks time and how big it will be for my career. This is why I turned professional, to win titles, and I’ve been given the chance to win my first professional title on May 17th in Gateshead. It’s what you dream about as a kid, fighting top of the bill for a title, this is without doubt the most important fight of my career!


20140404_231421Me at 12 years old after my second fight , winning Best Junior Boxer of the night, alongside Best Senior Boxer David Dent.


After I had to pull out from my last fight through lack of ticket sales our options weren’t looking very good, then I was struggling with a chest infection and pleurisy and I ended up having to turn a couple of fights down away from home. But after recovering from illness I have carried on training, stayed focussed and kept my weight right, now it looks as though everything has fallen into place.¬†This title was always on our radar for this year so in terms of reaching our goals we are on our way to achieving the first one. Can’t wait to do my first 10 rounder!


My opponent will be George “Razor” Watson of South Shields who I have a lot of respect for as a fighter, he’s mixed with some top lads such as Derry Mathews and Carl Johanneson and will certainly come to fight. We’ve took the fight in his backyard but are fully confident of going there and taking the win. I’ll be putting myself through 6 weeks of hell for this camp to make sure I am in the best shape of my life!


We’ll be leaving no stone unturned this camp, and already I’ve sparred a Cameroon International who boxed in London 2012 Olympics, just a few hours ago. I want to be the best I can be and being coached by my brother Ian, we both share that hunger and determination to better oursleves. Over the next 6 weeks we will be most likely be travelling all over the country for sparring, testing myself against some of the best and pushing out of that comfort zone as much as we can. You gotta get comfortable with been uncomfortable right!


Having been professional for more than 3 years this is just the break I have been needing and is the first step in furthering my career and increasing my profile. Since the fight was announced the support I’ve received on social media has been class and I think the fight is going to generate a lot of interest from the public. As a professional I want to test myself and this is going to be my toughest test yet. So I’m hoping I can take a big following to his backyard to get behind me and rip this title from him!


On the subject of Titles, commiserations to Martin Ward who’s world title fight against Stuey Hall was halted due to a cut in round 2. Things don’t always go to plan, especially in this sport. Hopefully a speedy recovery for Martin and maybe a rematch will be on the cards in future.



Before I finish I’d just like to give a mention to a new sponsor who has helped me out a lot over the last year, with quality physiotherapy and sports treatment and I look forward to working together more in future.


Anyone else looking for the opportunity to have their business advertised through me get in touch via Facebook.

Anyway I’m off for a run!

Will post another update in a week guys.


Tickets for the fight will be available next week priced at £30
Contact 07896974716 or my Facebook page for more details